NBA Analyst Ranks Celtics Fourth In Power Rankings Due To … Kyrie Irving?!


NBA analyst Doug Gottlieb has the Boston Celtics fourth in his list of power rankings.

The analyst for FOX Sports 1 and Stadium, and host of the Doug Gottlieb Show on FOX Sports Radio, ranked the C’s in front of the Toronto Raptors, but behind his No. 3 seed Milwaukee Bucks.

All that makes sense, right?

Well, Gottlieb’s rationale certainly doesn’t.

“Celtics, they’ve been worse since getting Kyrie (Irving) back. That may defy logic,” Gottlieb said.

“I still think you get to winning time in the playoffs, you got Kyrie, Jayson Tatum went on that heater. Part of the reason he went on that heater is he didn’t have Kyrie taking up a bunch of the shots,” Gottlieb continued. “But Jayson Tatum was Eastern Conference Player of the Month in February — 30 (points) and 3.2 assists per game. They’re (Boston) No. 2 in scoring defense, so they have the defense of the Raptors, only I feel like they have more go-to guys for the playoffs than the Raptors.”

Maybe Gottlieb just meant to say “Kemba” and not “Kyrie.”

Or maybe Gottlieb wasn’t aware Irving, who’s continued to create drama with his new team the Brooklyn Nets, is not exactly loved in Boston anymore.

We’ll let you be the judge.

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