Wilson Chandler is not a happy camper.

The Nets forward claimed he’s been asked to avoid his apartment common areas after four Brooklyn players (including injured star Kevin Durant) tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday. Only one player reportedly has exhibited symptoms as of Tuesday, while three others are asymptomatic.

And while it’s unclear which other players have contracted the virus, Chandler said he’s being questioned by his building manager anyhow.

“Building manager called me saying ‘Oh, I seen Nets players had the virus. We would like to know your status. And if you could possibly stay out of the lobby etc. We can’t afford to lose our staff,'” Chandler wrote Wednesday on Twitter. “Didn’t even ask was I ok, one. And two, she didn’t ask me if I had been tested and if it was negative or positive. (Expletive) this building man. I’m going home.”

Chandler estimates more than 300 people reside in the building and claimed delivery drivers and personnel have been entering and exiting the building in the last week.

The Los Angeles Lakers, by the way, are being tested Wednesday after coming in contact with the Nets a week ago during the teams’ final game before the NBA indefinitely suspended its season.

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