After one domino fell, the rest seemed inevitable.

First, the NBA suspended its season upon the discovery that one of its own tested positive for coronavirus. Then followed the MLS and the NHL, while the NCAA cancelled winter tournaments and spring sports all together. No league was safe from COVID-19, and had a responsibility to keep its players, fans and employees safe during the pandemic.

What normally would be the most exciting sports stretch of the year now is the literal opposite. No more March Madness. They even moved the Masters.

And while sports fans have lost their escape, at least temporarily, leagues are poised to lose billions.

During his address to the country after declaring a national emergency, President Donald Trump acknowledged the sacrifice leagues made.

“It’s incredible what sports, what’s happening with the sporting world, where so many of the great sports we have gotten used to at this time of year, they are not going to be meeting,” Trump said, via CNN’s Daniel Dale.

“They have done a great service by that.”

Despite the unfortunate situation, it’s brought the country together.

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