Tom Brady To 49ers? Why Nick Wright Thinks Match Could Benefit Patriots


There’s suddenly a lot of speculation linking Tom Brady to the 49ers.

It’s a crazy idea on the surface — after all, San Francisco just went to the Super Bowl without TB12 — but it’s still fascinating, especially when you consider Brady leaving the Patriots for the Niners presumably would open the door for Jimmy Garoppolo to return to New England.

Nick Wright isn’t buying the whole scenario, for a number of reasons. And he explained Wednesday on FOX Sports 1’s “First Things First” that a hypothetical Brady-Garoppolo quarterback swap would make more sense for New England than San Francisco.

“Sometimes parties want to do something, but the math doesn’t work. The math on this one works perfectly,” Wright said. “The math I can’t get over is 14 — that’s how many years Tom Brady is older than Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s 42 (and) Jimmy Garoppolo is 28. That’s why, among many other reasons, I don’t think this makes sense for the Niners.

“I get why it would make a ton of sense for the Patriots: You get a mulligan on a trade you’d probably want back to begin with. But I don’t see it happening because it’s a 14-year age difference, and Jimmy G — even though I was critical of him this year — is coming off his first full season as a starter and his team went to the Super Bowl.”

Brady is set to become a free agent for the first time in his NFL career when the new league year opens March 18. It’s still possible the six-time Super Bowl champion simply will re-sign with New England, where he has spent all 20 seasons to this point, but it’s sounding more and more like he really might take his talents elsewhere, in which case the Patriots could do much worse than reunite with Garoppolo.

Thumbnail photo via Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

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