Video Shows Coach Attacking Referee At Massachusetts Youth Hockey Game


A Massachusetts youth hockey coach apparently crossed a line Saturday night.

In a video shared online, the still-unidentified coach appears to attack a referee during a game at The Bog Ice Arena in Kingston, Mass. The user who posted the clip describes herself as a “ref wife” in her Twitter profile and claims the video was sent to her. She also claimed the coach spit at the referee before the physical altercation began.

Some people who claim they were at the game say the coach was ejected for yelling obscenities at the referee, whom he attacked while leaving the ice. It remains unclear whether the coach was on his way off the ice, or jumped on it upon his ejection.

The video also shows a player tapping his stick on the ice in apparent approval. Newton North Hockey’s official Twitter account later retweeted the video and offered additional context, none of which has been confirmed.

Take a look:

And here’s a longer video of the incident:

Here are some first-hand accounts from people who claim they were at the event:

Again, as of Sunday morning, none of the information shared in the tweets had been confirmed and no official statement had been provided by local authorities.

Nevertheless, the video offers a disturbing reminder that youth sports are not immune from violent adults.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/letsgoamerks

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