Adrian Gonzalez Has Message For Those Who Eat Tacos With Hard Shells, Cheese


April 14, 2020

Adrian Gonzalez knows a good taco when he sees one.

The former Boston Red Sox slugger grew up in Tijuana, and because of this, he can be considered a connoisseur when it comes to Mexican cuisine.

Gonzalez spoke with Yahoo! Sports and shared some of his pet peeves when it comes to people eating the Mexican dish. He was quick to slam people who don’t eat tacos with soft shells.

‘First of all, you can?t qualify a hard shell as a taco,” Gonzalez said. “If anybody that?s out there is throwing hard-shell Taco Tuesdays, they don?t know what they?re talking about.”

Wow. Harsh.

So how does the five-time All-Star prefer his tacos?

“I grew up in Tijuana. Tijuana is known for the best carne asada taco possibly in the world so for me there is only one way to make it: the way we make it in Tijuana, which is corn or flour tortilla, carne asada and then you just put onion, cilantro, guacamole and salsa on it.”

Notice that the recipe ignores a key ingredient in most tacos: cheese. Gonzalez made a cogent argument for why cheese has no place in tacos.

“I mean cheese (inside a taco) would make it a quesadilla. That’s not a taco anymore.”

Well, alrighty then.

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