It’s been an ongoing debate for a while now: Who deserves more credit for the New England Patriots’ success over the last 20 years? Bill Belichick or Tom Brady?

Fans may get some clarity once the 2020 NFL season kicks off as Brady begins his new journey with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Former NFL coach Rex Ryan, who faced Brady and Belichick during stints with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, believes he has the answer despite Brady calling it a “(expletive) argument” Wednesday.

“It was definitely Tom Brady,” Ryan said, via ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio. “If I’ve got to take one I’m taking Brady.”

Care to elaborate, Rex?

“Let’s give him (Belichick) somebody else, let’s give him (former Jets quarterback) Geno Smith, let’s give him whoever, and let’s see how many Super Bowls he would have won,” Ryan said. “We saw the answer was zero in Cleveland.”

Well, only time will tell if Ryan was right … or if Belichick can do with Jarrett Stidham what he did with Brady.

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