Here’s What Kevin Love Thinks NBA Season Might Look Like Once Resumed


No one knows when the NBA’s 2019-20 season might resume after the COVID-19 crisis forced the league to shut down indefinitely.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love says he’s “has the conversation with a number of guys as well as a couple of coaches and former coaches” about how the league should proceed with its schedule.

“We have the best schedule. It’s like a Scholastic schedule, you get summers off,” Love said Tuesday on Comedy Central’s  “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.” “So selfishly, and I’ve done it for, what 25 years now of organized basketball, is that we’ve always had that schedule when it’s been September and October through if you go all the way to the Finals, it’s through June. So we have it really good, and that’s not lost on any of us. And obviously, drastic times, drastic measures. But we would like to keep the same schedule, 82 games.

“But I would see a situation where because guys might come in a little out of shape and don’t know how to get through this time because it is new, that they will then have like a two-week training camp, play 10 games and then it’ll go into some sort of a playoff scenario. But I don’t know if they’ll play seven games (in a series) or they’ll play a five-game series that we haven’t seen in a long time, and then they’ll have the Finals.”

Some worry the season may not resume at all. But Love doesn’t seem to think that will be the case, at least in the NBA.

“Because we’ve had so many of these sports taken away from us that the ratings will be incredibly high and it’ll be … anybody’s game, anybody’s championship. So as a fan myself, that’ll be fun to watch.”

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