Peter King Weighs In On Odell Beckham Jr.-Vikings Trade Rumor

Before the attention completely shifted to Jay Glazer on Wednesday, the football world was fixated on a rather intriguing rumor.

A report surfaced indicating the Cleveland Browns had discussed a potential trade involving Odell Beckham Jr. with the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings, of course, are in need of pass-catching help after shipping out Stefon Diggs to Buffalo.

While Peter King isn’t privy to the actual legitimacy of the chatter, he has a hard time believing the Vikings are open to doing all it would take to bring on Beckham.

“I really doubt that it’s true, but I don’t know categorically whether it is true,” King said Wednesday during an appearance on 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland. “That’s really all I can say about the veracity of it. I think the biggest point when I first heard this is, ‘Man, the Vikings are really struggling with the cap.’ No matter what you think about Odell Beckham Jr.’s talent, he’s a risky acquisition, you know, because he’s not the kind of stable guy you can definitely count on. He blew up the place with the Giants, he’s had moments in Cleveland. To me, I think if you’re going to take on that contract, you have to be really confident you’re going to be able to handle Odell Beckham Jr., the person.

“If the Vikings take on the contract, this would not just be a two and a five or whatever the compensation would be for Odell. This would also be a lopping off of a pretty good player or a bunch of contracts getting redone. So, the cost would be high for Minnesota. Personally, I think the Vikings are likely to sit right where they are and to draft a receiver fairly high. This is one of the better receiver drafts of all time. So that’s just my gut feeling.”

It’s easy to understand why King feels this way. After dealing with headache after headache with Diggs, the Vikings probably aren’t eager to take on another player who perpetually creates drama.

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