Tom Brady Bucs Jerseys More Popular With New Englanders Than Floridians


Don’t be shocked if you see more Buccaneers jerseys moving forward, New Englanders.

Despite Tom Brady’s exit from the Patriots, people from New England states are more interested than Floridians in Brady’s Buccaneers jerseys, according to data collected by The data, researched using Google Trends, was collected over the past month.

Here are the top 10 states:

1. Rhode Island
2. Massachusetts
3. New Hampshire
4. Connecticut
5. Maine
6. Florida
7. Wisconsin
8. Michigan
9. South Carolina
10. Colorado

And here’s map showing interest in Brady Buccaneers jerseys across the United States:

Tom Brady Bucs jersey

Of course, Florida has two NFL teams (the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars) in addition to the Buccaneers. So, NFL fans in the Sunshine State hardly agree on everything. Patriots fans, on the other hand, are spread across six states and, in general, are significantly more passionate than Buccaneers fans.

Ultimately, this data proves many of Brady’s fans will support him regardless of which team he plays for.

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Thumbnail photo via Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports Images

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