Tom Brady’s Ex-Michigan Rival Details College Competition With NFL Legend


April 14, 2020

Tom Brady apparently has been a good teammate for ages.

Former Michigan quarterback Drew Henson discussed in an article the New York Post’s Joel Sherman published Saturday what the time he spent with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback was like and also revealed his hope to rekindle their friendship in the future. Henson and Brady famously split playing time at Michigan in the 1998 and 1999 seasons before the latter joined the New England Patriots and embarked on a successful NFL career. Many assumed their internal rivalry would have prevented them from developing a bond, but Henson refutes that belief.

“What people fail to understand is there is competition at every position all the time,” Henson said. ?And at Michigan they preach the competition. It is what develops good culture, a great team and great leadership. You walk in and want to get on the field.

“At the same time, you walk into a quarterback room that is close knit. Tom is three years older. I am looking up to him. You learn from the older players, like you do on every team. Preparation, film study, just overall knowledge of the game. From that aspect, I was learning from him. Yet, on the field you are competing for reps.

“Obviously, it is something that everyone is talking about, but you know what is going on inside. You control what you can control. You control how you prepare. You support your teammates. And then whoever they go with that is the deal, that is the way sports is.

“He was always good to me, and we got along really well. There was nothing negative about it other than the fact that you had two quarterbacks who are alternating. But everything worked itself out and certainly made me better.”

Although Henson never panned out as an NFL quarterback or a generational baseball talent — the New York Yankees drafted him with hopes of pairing him with Derek Jeter on the left side of their infield — he remains fond of Brady. Both now live in the Tampa, Fla., area and Henson would like Brady join him for a meal.

“I hope we can go for lunch,” Henson concludes.

Football fans of all stripes probably would enjoy sitting in on that conversation.

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