Why Nick Wright Is Advising Free Agent Cam Newton To Sign With Patriots


If you take all into consideration, it’s tough to imagine Cam Newton’s next deal will be lucrative, regardless of which team signs the veteran quarterback.

As such, Nick Wright believes Newton should go to the team that conceivably could best set him up for the future: the New England Patriots.

Wright seems to believe it’s a no-brainer for Newton, as there’s no better place for a “prove it” campaign than Foxboro. But the “First Things First” host also believes it makes sense for the Patriots, who currently are prepared to move forward with the unproven Jarrett Stidham as their starting quarterback.

“I believe Cam, right now, is better than (Tom) Brady,” Wright said Tuesday on FOX Sports 1. “Brady had them last year, they were 12-3 with a lead with a minute left in the final game of the regular season, this close to a bye. The defense isn’t going to be markedly worse than it was last year. If they were to sign Cam, to me, they become third or fourth in the AFC behind the Chiefs and the Ravens. For Cam, you take the financial haircut this year and invest in your future for future years. I can’t believe I’m advising this, but if I were advising Cam, $5 million in New England is worth more than $15 (million) or $20 million in Jacksonville if you’re thinking long-term.”

For what it’s worth, the oddsmakers like the idea of the 2015 NFL MVP ending up in New England, too. Newton-to-Patriots odds skyrocketed following the 2020 NFL Draft, which saw Bill Belichick and Co. not select a signal-caller.

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