Colin Cowherd Believes This Star QB Fits Patriots Based On Personality


May 5, 2020

It’s been made clear over the past two decades that “The Patriot Way” isn’t for everyone.

Colin Cowherd believes Drew Brees, however, would have thrived under Bill Belichick and Co.’s approach to the game.

Cowherd last week performed an exercise in which he fit some of the game’s top quarterbacks with the city and team that best fits their personality. For example, “The Herd” host matched the eccentric Baker Mayfield with the Las Vegas Raiders and the flashy Patrick Mahomes with the Dallas Cowboys.

As for Brees, Cowherd seems to believe the future Hall of Famer was built for the Patriots.

“These are just the big quarterback brands: overlooked, smart, intense, resilient,” Cowherd said on FS1. “What’s the city with 51 universities in it? Has to deal with harsh weather? New England Patriots. You know, Tom Brady, he’s a California guy. Drew Brees played in the Big 10. I’ve always thought Brees feels like a Belichick guy. A grinder, resilient, overlooked, little edge to him.”

Brees and Belichick potentially could have made for a highly successful quarterback-head coach combination, but Cowherd’s line of reasoning is kind of all over the place. Sure, Brady is indeed a Bay Area native, but he, like Brees, played collegiately in the Big 10. Brees also hails from Texas and historically has performed noticeably worse in cold-weather conditions.

Obviously this was just a fun game, so there’s no point in seriously debating whether Brees would have been successful in New England. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on as it pertains to Jarrett Stidham, though.

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