Colin Cowherd Misses Point With Tom Brady-Josh McDaniels Report Theory


May 12, 2020

Colin Cowherd usually makes a surprising amount of a sense for a sports talking head.

Well, the “Herd with Colin Cowherd” host suffered a rare mishap Tuesday afternoon.

As you surely have heard, NFL writer Gary Myers on Monday reported that Tom Brady’s relationship with Josh McDaniels “deteriorated” last season. Brady aggressively denied the report in an Instagram post Monday night, and Myers stood by his reporting Tuesday morning during a radio appearance. There are Patriots beat writers on both sides of the fence.

That brings us to Cowherd, whose take on the report started out just fine.

“Here’s what I know: It didn’t impede their success, so who cares?”

He should’ve just ended there, but he went on to say this:

“If Brady and Josh McDaniels was that bad, then why did (McDaniels) leave and come back? Brady wouldn’t have let him come back. Tom Brady got Jimmy Garoppolo out of town — a quarterback.”

Obviously, Cowherd is referring to the 2018 offseason when McDaniels spurned the Indianapolis Colts to return to the New England Patriots.

There’s just one problem: Myers said nothing about the 2017 and 2018 seasons. His report specifically was about the 2019 Patriots season, which saw New England’s offense struggle more than it ever had in the past 20 years. Those very struggles were at the core of the “deteriorating” relationship, according to Myers.

As for the validity of the report, have that debate on your own time.

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