As the coronavirus pandemic has closed gyms across the country, people have gotten pretty creative with their home workouts.

That includes the Boston Celtics, center Enes Kanter revealed on FOX Sports 1’s “First Things First. And it’s led him to believe that banner No. 18 is in store because of it.

“Just because we still don’t know if this is going to continue or not, we still try to do our best to stay in shape,” Kanter said, via video conference. “We actually have virtual workouts with the Celtics. We get on the call with a strength coach and we literally just to push ups and sit ups.”

Certainly, body weight exercises like those aren’t enough to keep professional athletes in playing shape. So the Celtics who don’t have home gyms have improvised.

“I see some of the players doing workouts with suitcases because they don’t have the tools to work out. I’m like, ‘That is gong to bring us a championship,” Kanter said. “That is a championship mentality.’ We literally are trying to do everything to stay in shape.”

What a workout with a suitcase looks like is unclear, but it appears the Celtics are working smarter and harder.

Hopefully it pays off.

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Thumbnail photo via Bob DeChiara/USA TODAY Sports Images