Things are happening in the NBA, sort of.

The return of actual games still is at the mercy of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Friday the league allowed its teams to open facilities in markets where local quarantine regulations have loosened.

Additionally, in a Friday evening conference call with the NBA Players’ Association, commissioner Adam Silver covered a lot of ground as to what the league is envisioning for a plan to return.

NBA insiders Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN and Shams Charania of The Athletic were all over the commissioner’s updates, inundating followers with a storm of tweets.

Here’s what they both reported throughout the evening.

Despite the financial challenges it causes, don’t expect fans
We probably already knew this was the case, but since fans account for 40 percent of the league’s revenue, the NBA will be looking to find creative ways to deliver its product to spectators.

The NBA is taking a massive hit this season no matter which way they spin it, but seeing how motivated the owners are to lead the way in restarting the world economy through sports is encouraging.

But Silver telling players to prepare for the possibility of playing without spectators through next season is sobering.

NBA Rumors: Teams Allowed To Test Asymptomatic Players, Staff For COVID-19

Here’s what the season will look like, if and when it returns.
Silver discussed a training camp that would last a minimum of three weeks, and said he’s still hopeful to keep the normal seven-game series playoff format.

The commissioner also tried to sell players on the fact that restarting the league would be much safer in a centralized location, with Disney World or Las Vegas being the top two considerations. Cutting out travel between cities would also allow the NBA to finish the season.

And if a player catches the coronavirus?
The hope, and borderline prerequisite to resuming, is that by the time they do start there are daily testing initiatives in place. If a player tests positive for COVID-19, they’d remove that player and have him isolated in quarantine as opposed to pausing the season again for another two weeks.

Players raised some concerns about feeling pressured to return to facilities, and Silver assured he’d discuss that with teams.

There’s no rush on making a definite decision of calling the season as of now, with Silver emphasizing that they may not decide this month or immediately in June.

There are discussions of not starting the 2021 season until Christmas Day if need be, but there are a lot of questions still to be answered.

Will players get to bring their families along if they do resume play in a “bubble” scenario? What happens to players who aren’t comfortable being part of this? Who is considered essential staff? Is the risk worth it for the older NBA coaches and personnel?

There’s a lot more to hash out. Still, any progress on a plan is good news.

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