Medical Experts Denounce Tom Brady’s ‘Immunity’ Vitamins As Unethical


May 20, 2020

Tom Brady is facing significant criticism over the product launch of his new TB12 “immunity” booster vitamins — and not just from haters on Twitter.

Brady on Monday revealed Protect, a plant-based supplement that supposedly “activates” your immune system. The product — which includes a medley of Zinc, Elderberry, Larch Tree Extract, Vitamin-C and Beta Glucan and costs $45 per bottle — supposedly helps your immune system “recover from the effects of stress, optimize its response, and keep you feeling your best.?

The timing of the launch was dubious to many — people are paranoid about their immune systems amid the COVID-19 pandemic — as was Brady’s overall claims about the product. And, as it turns out, some medical experts share that same skepticism.

Forbes’ Alex Reimer recently spoke with three medical professionals about Protect: emergency physician and medical toxicologist Ryan Marino, registered dietitian Lalitha Taylor and registered dietetic technician Olivia Fitzgerald. All three expressed similar concerns over TB12’s new “immunity” booster.

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Here are a few noteworthy quotes from Reimer’s column, which is worth a read and offers deeper insights into the “science” behind Brady’s new product:

Marino: ?I have a number of concerns. The biggest one is, the timing of this, and releasing something with specific mention and marketing about the immune system and antiviral properties in a global viral pandemic. It?s definitely suspect to me. … I don?t think a lot of the marketing that goes into supplements is ethical, but especially in this case. It?s very clear this was timed to be released during this pandemic. The way it?s been marketed highlights a lot of people?s fears.?

Taylor: ?For me, there is really nothing you can take to boost your immune system. There are things we can do to support our immune system, and nutrition is part of that equation. I would also argue sleep supports your immune system. So does activity and stress management. Telling people this supplement is the key to enhancing immunity and performance is misleading.?

Fitzgerald: ?Some of the things I thought were a little worrisome about this were the convenient timing with COVID-19, and I hope people can see the timing is very convenient. It?s a high price point during an economic crisis. He?s kind of preying a little bit, in my eyes.?

Make of that what you will.

In other Brady news, the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback held an informal workout Tuesday with some of his new teammates. The session offered the first photos of Brady wearing anything other than New England Patriots gear.

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