NESN Diary: Unpacking Tom Brady’s Fiery Response To Josh McDaniels Report (And Other Random Thoughts)


May 11, 2020

Each day during the sports pause stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, will publish a diary full of random thoughts, opinions, takeaways, and other cool tidbits we?ve stumbled across in the absence of actual games. Because why not? We?re all in this together.

Tom Brady has had enough.

The mild-mannered quarterback had his relationship with longtime New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels called into question Monday. A report from NFL writer Gary Myers said Brady’s “deteriorating relationship” with McDaniels was among the reasons the 42-year-old ventured south to Tampa Bay in free agency.

Well, Brady clearly didn’t appreciate it. And wanted to make sure he debunked the report himself.

He ripped into the writer with an Instagram post Monday night saying “Please stop this nonsense!,” and “Please be more responsible with reporting.”

Let’s unpack that.

Brady’s response is noteworthy, seeing how it’s among the most animated he’s been for public consumption. (Not on the football field, of course.)

Am I forgetting something or are we talking about someone who always took the high road (or stayed silent, I guess) when it came to a plethora of aspects — his receivers, his decision to skip OTAs, his training partner Alex Guerrero not being allowed to travel with the team and perhaps the biggest blemish on his resume: Deflategate. While Brady obviously fought it, he did so respectfully, never taking to Instagram or lashing out about it. Then again, maybe he left that to his father, Tom Brady Sr.

Perhaps that’s because that was the way it had to be under Bill Belichick’s rule? Or perhaps it’s because nothing irritated him more than that McDaniels report? (Probably not.)

Either way, it points to the fact that let-your-hair-down Tampa Tom could prove to be entirely different than New England Tom.

On a somewhat related note, but admittedly not really note, I only can imagine how long it’s going to take until Brady sticking up for McDaniels relates back to Belichick.

“Why wasn’t Brady this passionate when his relationship with Belichick was called into question?,” some TV show or radio station will say Tuesday, probably.

Let’s not get sucked into that slant, even if has been almost two full months without live sports.

Here are some other random thoughts from the day in sports:

— Keeping with the Patriots, Richard Seymour earned a place in organization history with his selection to the Patriots Hall of Fame on Monday.

Seymour, a finalist each of the last three years, won the fan vote over Mike Vrabel and ex-Patriot coach Bill Parcells.

Belichick praised Seymour saying “we would not have won three championships in four years without him.” Seymour also shared some sentiment for Belichick while adding that he hopes his selection could pave the way for him to earn a place in the Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

— With various athletes in the sports world continuing to prove that age is just a number, Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask joked that he could just be getting started, too.

The 34-year-old Rask, speaking with the media on a conference call Monday, joked that “maybe I’ll be the goalie who plays to 45. Maybe, maybe not.”

Rask also noted how he was happy to see the Bruins sign backup netminder Jaroslav Halak to a one-year extension, talked about how he’s felt about some criticism he’s received and addressed the possibility of the NHL season resuming without fans.

— Major League Baseball reportedly has created a plan in which the league could return to play in July.


Owners are comfortable with starting the 2020 season around Fourth of July weekend, which would mean an 82-game regular season with no fans in the stands.

A formal proposal will be made to the MLB Players Association, however signs have pointed to that not going over too well with said players.

Tweet of the Day
Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving challenged Boston Celtics guard Kemba Walker to a 1-on-1 matchup Monday.

And let’s just say Celtics fans are wildly confident that if the hypothetical game takes place, Walker will come out on top.

Video of the Day
Jerry Stiller, well-known for his role playing Frank Costanza on the TV hit “Seinfeld” died Monday. He was 92 years old.

Here’s one of Stiller’s hilarious outtakes from Seinfeld.

Stat of the Day
Patrick Mahomes is the early favorite to win 2020 NFL MVP, which would be his second MVP honor in the last three years. The most recent player to win multiple MVPs in a three-year span was Peyton Manning (2008, 2009).

Baltimore Ravens quarterback, and 2019 MVP, Lamar Jackson has the second-best odds behind Mahomes while Dallas Cowboys signal-caller Dak Prescott is third, according to Caesars Entertainment.

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