T.J. Lang Shares Hilarious On-Field Story About Ex-Patriot Chris Long


T.J. Lang had a long and successful career in the NFL.

That means Lang, a former offensive lineman for both the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions, had seen and heard plenty of trash talk during his 10-year career.

One of the funniest comments, it seems, came from ex-New England Patriots defensive end Chris Long. Lang on Tuesday tweeted about one specific preseason memory when his Packers, quarterbacked by Aaron Rodgers, faced Long and the St. Louis Rams.

“Running no-huddle against the Rams. (Rodgers) makes an audible at the (line of scrimmage) — “PULL, PULL” — which was power left. (Long) stands up from his (defensive end) spot and yells ‘Pull? Pull these nuts Aaron!!’ The whole (line of scrimmage) broke out in laughter and we got stuffed.”

Long responded shortly after and appeared to approve of his own joke, despite it coming years later.

That’s some good, clean fun.

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