Colin Cowherd’s Latest Jarrett Stidham Rant Basically Made Zero Sense

Colin Cowherd refuses to drink the Jarrett Stidham Kool-Aid.

Despite seemingly credible reports that the New England Patriots believe in their ability to succeed with the sophomore quarterback, the FS1 talking head continues to doubt Stidham’s chances of adequately replace Tom Brady. Although Cowherd typically is measured and rational with his takes, what he offered Thursday afternoon was a bit of a head-scratcher.

“Perhaps he’s a late bloomer,” Cowherd said. “But the idea — I keep hearing all these insiders talking about how great he is — and my thing is, (Bill) Belichick watched him for a year and still sat around hoping Tom Brady signed. When (Jimmy) Garoppolo got drafted, the first year there was buzz about him. The first camp there was buzz about him. The first preseason there was buzz about him. People were into Jimmy Garoppolo — so much so that Tom Brady went to the owner and said, ‘Get him outta here.’

” … There was no buzz about Jarrett Stidham. As an old, struggling Tom Brady… we didn’t even suggest Jarrett Stidham should play. I never bought into the garage band that just didn’t get a break. …I hope Jarrett Stidham works, but there’s not even a buzz about him. Belichick wanted Brady back. I don’t buy it. I wanna see it. And by the way, I could argue they have the worst weapons in the league. He’s going to elevate those? I don’t buy it.”

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P.U. — that take stinks.

First of all, all indications are that Belichick was just fine with letting Brady leave. He would’ve taken the greatest quarterback in NFL history back, sure, but also was content with getting younger at the position and taking the first step toward emerging from salary cap hell. That’s what a majority of reports have indicated, at least.

Moreover, even if Belichick’s priority was for Brady to stick around, how would that preclude him from believing in Stidham? Allowing a 23-year-old another year or two to develop while a six-time Super Bowl champion polishes off his Hall of Fame career hardly signals disillusionment. Again, there are reports indicating the Patriots more or less felt that way after the season.

As for “buzz” — what does that have to do with anything? We hate to bring this up for the millionth time, but did Brady have any buzz after he was drafted? Did Dak Prescott — a fourth-round pick, like Stidham — have any buzz entering his first season? Football games aren’t won by playing a sport-wide game of telephone.

Finally, the “garage band” comment. That might be the dumbest thing any sports talk show host ever has said. We’re living in a world where Imagine Dragons has a massive fan base and its members make massive amounts of money. If that can happen, Stidham can succeed on a team with the best coach of all time and arguably the most talented roster in its division.

Maybe Stidham will be good, maybe he’ll be a disaster. Let’s wait and see.

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