Should NFL Players Be Mic’d Up For 2020 Season? DeSean Jackson Thinks So


Stadiums across the NFL could look (and sound) much different once the league’s 2020 season begins.

The coronavirus pandemic potentially could limit fans from filling stadiums on game days, which obviously would create both a different atmosphere for the players and a different product for the fans.

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, however, believes there is a way to make the product better. Jackson, while speaking on Eagles’ Lane Johnson’s “Outside the Lane” podcast, explained one way the league could create entertainment without fans.

“I think they should (mic up players). They should give fans the (insight) to see what really goes on between the white lines,” Jackson said on the podcast, as transcribed by ESPN.

“It gets crazy, bro. I know in the trenches it gets crazy,” Jackson added. “And I know on the outside it gets crazy, too, the conversations we go back and forth on.”

The thought from Jackson comes after FOX Sports’ broadcaster Joe Buck (kind of) discussed the possibility that media outlets could implement crowd noise and virtual fans.

But we’re under the belief Jackson’s idea certainly would be more entertaining.

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