ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Apologizes To Sen. Josh Hawley For F-Bomb Email Reply


Adrian Wojnarowski found himself in hot water with his employer Friday for something that had very, very little to do with basketball.

The ESPN NBA insider went viral after U.S. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri posted the screenshot of an email from Wojnarowski’s ESPN email account replying to a message from Hawley’s press account.

The original email sent to Wojnarowski touted Hawley’s decision to “blast” the NBA for “kowtowing to Beijing (and) refusing to support U.S. military and law enforcement.”

Wojnarowski apparently replied to the email from his phone, with a simple message: “(Expletive) you.”

Simple but to the point.

Hawley put Wojnarowski on blast by tweeting the screenshot while also saying “Don’t criticize China or express support for law enforcement to ESPN. It makes them real mad.”

Unsurprisingly, both ESPN and Wojnarowski released statements shortly thereafter.

“I’m sorry for the way I handled myself and I am reaching out immediately to Senator Hawley to apologize directly,” Wojnarowski’s statement reads. “I also need to apologize to my ESPN colleagues because I know my actions were unacceptable and should not reflect on any of them.”

ESPN labeled the incident as “completely unacceptable behavior and we do not condone it, ” while also adding it was “inexcusable.”

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Thumbnail photo via YouTube/ESPN

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