Cam Newton officially is a Patriot, but many still are unsure if the star quarterback is cut out for New England.

Nick Wright, however, has the utmost confidence in Newton fitting in with his new team.

Wright seems to believe those who question Newton’s ability to mesh with the Patriots are guided by false narratives. The “First Things First” co-host also thinks there’s something to be said for Bill Belichick, arguably the greatest football coach of all time, choosing to bring in the 2015 NFL MVP.

“… Cam is aware things are done differently in New England and he opted for it,” Wright said Thursday on FOX Sports 1. “In order to believe Cam thinks New England’s not going to be doing things differently than Carolina, he would have to have a total lack of awareness around the NFL. … I do think out there there’s always been this unfair narrative that Cam isn’t a worker. Have you seen how the guy looks? His level of success in this league, he obviously works. The two smart people, Bill Belichick and Cam Newton, came together and they said, ‘We want to work together.’ I just think it’s going to take a shocking scenario for it not to work out.”

Eric Mangini is far less confident than Wright in Newton’s chances of making an impact in Foxboro. The former Patriots defensive coordinator believes there’s a chance the three-time Pro Bowl selection won’t be on the team come Week 1, let alone under center.

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