Athletics’ Ramon Laureano Explains Why He Charged Astros’ Dugout

Athletics manager Bob Melvin was confident Ramon Laureano had to have been provoked to make a beeline for the Astros’ dugout this past Sunday.

If Laureno’s side of the story is true, Oakland’s skipper was right.

After being hit by a pitch for the third time in as many games, Laureano made a mad dash for Houston’s dugout in the seventh inning of the rivals’ series finale at Coliseum. The center fielder’s target appeared to be Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron, who reportedly made a remark about Laureano’s mother.

Laureano confirmed that report Monday, telling ESPN that Cintron, “said in Spanish something you don’t say about my mother.” The 26-year-old also explained why he took such great exception with what Cintron said.

“Every day I wake up with the motivation to be with them,” Laureno said. “They sacrificed their life for me. They made the tough decision to let their own kid go to the States by himself and follow his own dreams. I’ve been away from my family for 10 years. It’s tough to be away from them. Any chance I have to be with them, I feel like I’m in heaven. So for him to say that to me about my mom, it doesn’t sit well. I’ve got a fire inside me right away in that second.”

Laureano is well aware that he’s likely to face discipline from Major League Baseball.

“I regret charging him because he’s a loser,” Laureano told ESPN. “(A suspension) is understandable, but I hope it’s not that many games.”

The A’s and Astros will meet again at the end of the month for a three-game weekend series at Minute Maid Park.

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