Bruins’ Jake DeBrusk Details What He’s Worked On To Prepare For Next Season

DeBrusk and the Bruins agreed on a two-year extension Monday


Jake DeBrusk is ready to take his game to the next level.

The forward signed a two-year contract extension with the Boston Bruins on Monday. The deal is perfect for both sides because DeBrusk will be able to work on becoming a consistent player, while the B’s locked up a top-six forward for at least two more seasons.

General manager Don Sweeney expressed excitement in being able to get the deal done, and it will allow DeBrusk to bring his game to where he wants it to be.

And he’s already gotten a head start on his training.

“I’ve been focusing on probably just my physical side of the game. I think I’ve put on some weight already and have really been attacking just getting stronger overall,” DeBrusk told reporters Tuesday. “More balance on the ice and also just little details within my game that then help the ups and downs. I think that’s kind of the thing that everyone likes to talk about, so it’s been obviously a big focus of mine. Obviously, still trying to work on speed and still trying to be fast – faster I guess. But definitely the physical side of things, just trying to – the wear and tear of the season and the playoffs as well.

“… That’s my main focus. There is pretty much a glaring aspect of my game that was last year. I don’t think it was necessarily there my first year. I kind of looked at – obviously, throughout this whole process I’ve looked at pretty much every single stat you can find,” he added. “I looked at some things and to be able to see that is obviously easy to change. There’s no reason why I can’t have a hit per game. And that goes hand in hand with what I was just talking about earlier with the forechecking. I think that that’s been a main focus of mine. I’m not saying I’m going to be running around out there, but obviously, I could finish checks more.

“That’s usually how I play. That’s how I’ve been known to play. It just didn’t really happen much this year and it’s one thing I felt like it affected my game a lot. It could open up space for me, my teammates and also just getting the puck. That’s the biggest thing. Obviously, you’re trying to get possession of it. Defenseman don’t think they’re going to get hit, they’ll take an extra second to make that play. It’s just a matter of getting on them as fast as I cans, use my footspeed, use my strengths to get there and then from the rest, it’s just hockey.”

Obviously, getting a bit more physical certainly will help the Bruins. Couple that with DeBrusk’s speed and he could be an absolute menace on the ice.

Thumbnail photo via Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports Images

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