Bruins’ Jake DeBrusk Has ‘Been Pretty Busy’ With Offseason Training

DeBrusk, like many of us, are waiting for the official NHL start date


The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t stopping Jake DeBrusk from being able to get in his offseason training.

The Bruins forward, who signed a two-year contract extension to remain in Boston on Monday, lives in Edmonton when he’s not traveling with the team.

The pandemic has put a lot of restrictions in place both in the United States and Canada, including closing the border to non-essential travelers.

During a press conference held Thursday, DeBrusk not only detailed how he plans to up his game this season, but how he’s been training while he waits to hear when the 2020-21 NHL campaign will begin.

“The restrictions actually have been – there’s obviously normal restrictions, I’d guess probably Stage 2 it’s called here in Edmonton where I’ve been able to skate and workout consistently here,” DeBrusk told reporters. “I’ve been on the ice probably three or four times a week and then working out four or five times. I’ve been pretty busy here. A couple tough weeks, I think that there are actually some new guidelines coming into place here, I think (Tuesday). The mayor is making an announcement and obviously right now with the world, that second wave is hitting everyone. That’s to be determined. That might affect some on-ice sessions in a way. I’ll still be able to work out and do that stuff. It’s been very – it’s been snowing here for about four weeks now. It’s been a little bit tough. I didn’t really prepare for the Canadian winter. I haven’t been around here for a while, it’s kind of nice. There’s ODR’s though, so I guess I could skate. Like I said, shoveling the driveway has been a bit of a new lessons for me. …”

Shoveling still counts as a pretty strenuous workout.

It’s certainly encouraging to know DeBrusk is getting in work now, especially with plenty of uncertainties surrounding when the season officially will drop the puck.

Thumbnail photo via Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports Images

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