Bruce Arians — Who Often Criticizes Tom Brady — Unsure Why Anyone Is Criticizing QB

Has Arians not listened to anything he's said the last couple months?


December 17, 2020

Bruce Arians has been one of the most frequent critics of Tom Brady this season.

He was after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams. There was the subtle dig at Brady after Tampa was walloped by the New Orleans Saints. Even after Brady’s Bucs debut, Arians had blunt criticism for the 43-year-old.

That’s just what he’s said on the record, too. There are heaps of rumors about tension between the two.

Still, Arians is floored that, wait for it, people are criticizing the quarterback.

?I don?t know why anyone?s criticizing Tom,” Arians declared Wednesday when asked about Brady’s high quarterback rating the last few weeks., per a team-provided transcript. “What he did at the end of the half and to start the second half (against) Minnesota ? very, very few teams can score 17 points in a matter of five or six minutes. If we finished the half with 17 points, I don?t (care) how we start. He?s not getting enough credit for what he?s doing.?

Yeah, go figure people are criticizing Brady when his coach has routinely been doing the exact same thing.

Now, this is not to say Brady is immune to criticism — far from it, actually. When you sign the deal Brady did and basically strong-arm the coach and front office to bring in all your buddies, you’re going to be criticized for being anything less than elite. That’s fair.

But Arians looks like a fraud when he criticizes Brady regularly, then chastises “anyone” (the media? Fans?) for, you know, criticizing Brady.

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