Is This Andre Drummond Sequence The Worst Offensive Possession In NBA History?

This is just appalling


Andre Drummond is not a bad basketball player.

But good gracious he might’ve been responsible for the single worst offensive possession in NBA history Thursday night.

In the fourth quarter of a tight game, Drummond received the ball at the 3-point line (the first problem). Knowing who they were defending, the Grizzlies slacked off and gave Drummond a ton of room from just inside the arc.

Drummond responded by standing there for way too long before, um, driving to the net and delivering a downright appalling attempt at a layup.

Let’s check the tape.


The Cavs did end up winning 94-90 to climb to 5-4 on the season, and Drummond, to his credit, finished with 22 points, 15 rebounds and three assists.

But it clearly wasn’t without a pretty big bump on the way.

Thumbnail photo via Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports Images

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