Tom Brady Or Bill Belichick? Quarterback’s Father Has Refreshing Take

'I think we're all winners, frankly'


Many have viewed Tom Brady’s latest trip to the Super Bowl as a way of the star quarterback sticking it to Bill Belichick.

The first-year Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s father doesn’t seem to be viewing it that way, however.

Upon the Bucs taking down the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game, a slew of football fans and media members alike shared a common thought: Brady, not Belichick, deserves most of the credit for the Patriots’ two-decade run of success. Furthermore, Belichick and Co. made a severe mistake by letting the future Hall of Fame signal-caller leave New England in free agency last spring.

Tom Brady Sr. is choosing not to hang onto the past, nor does he seem to believe the TB12 vs. Belichick debate is worthwhile. When asked to describe his son’s departure from Foxboro, Brady Sr. offered a take all should consider before holding one of football’s most tired arguments until they’re blue in the face.

“Let’s keep our history in perspective,” Brady Sr. told Tom E. Curran on NBC Sports Boston’s “Patriots Talk Podcast.” “We had nine (expletive) trips to the Super Bowl with the Patriots, you know? We’ve got Patriot blood in our veins. Bill, Mr. Kraft, us and all the teammates, we’ve got something special that we’ll share for the rest of our lives. So, we don’t have to look back at it as a winner and loser. I think we’re all winners, frankly.”

The fact of the matter is, Brady and Belichick couldn’t have won those six Super Bowls without one another. The “who deserves more credit” debate also might already have been settled by none other than Belichick, who ad nauseam has stressed you can’t win games without great players.

Still, Brady vs. Belichick will be a dominant storyline through Super Bowl LV and as long as both are prolonging their respective NFL careers. But it really is a waste of time.

Thumbnail photo via Derick E. Hingle/USA TODAY Sports Images

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