Adam Ottavino Thinks He Could Strike Out Babe Ruth; How About Ted Williams?

Ottavino was a little more guarded when it came to the Splendid Splinter


Adam Ottavino back in 2018 was responsible for a truly iconic comment.

“I would strike Babe Ruth out every time.”

Perhaps, as the game was far different in the early 20th century as opposed to now.

How about Ted Williams though?

The new Boston Red Sox reliever was broached that very question during an appearance Friday on WEEI.

“Oh geez, I don’t know,” Ottavino said, via “It’s a different era. He played after the Babe so he probably saw a little better pitching than Babe Ruth did. It’s hypothetical at this point. I guess it’s not worth weighing in. But I feel like I would do just fine.”

He also explained why he chose Ruth as the example for baseball legends he could punch out.

“If I said Jimmie Foxx maybe that wouldn’t have gotten the same reaction,” Ottavino said. “But Babe Ruth, a lot of people are gate-keeping around the New York area. People were quick to jump into the debate about that. As soon as I saw what I said was tweeted out there by MLB that I knew something was going to come of it, for sure.”

Ottavino landed with the Red Sox via an uncharacteristic trade with the New York Yankees. And as Boston overhauls its bullpen, it can only hope Ottavino is able to strike out the game’s best in 2021.

Thumbnail photo via Butch Dill/USA TODAY Sports Images

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