Patrice Bergeron Shares Backstory Behind Bruins’ Awesome ’90s Getups

And yes, that was a working Walkman that Bergeron had


There were a number of storylines to take away from the Boston Bruins’ win Sunday.

Of course, there was the Lake Tahoe backdrop. And the fact the B’s pounded the Philadelphia Flyers.

But what, quite possibly, ended up being most notable was the Bruins’ pregame attire.

The Bruins turned heads Sunday when they showed up in full 1990s getups, leading to some pretty wild photos.

Turns out, that idea was orchestrated by captain Patrice Bergeron.

“Basically, the idea was that was the first time we were wearing the reverse retro jersey,” Bergeron explained over Zoom on Tuesday. “That jersey was based on the 80s and also early 90s jersey that Cam (Neely) and Ray (Bourque) wore, so the idea was for us to dress as if we were playing in late 80s or early 90s. So it was kind of a 90s theme. … Guys went all out on it and I was really excited about it. For me, it was a way for us to bond as a team and to have fun.”

Bergeron, for his part, sported a vintage Neely Bruins T-shirt with a Walkman and fanny pack.

The captain’s outfit came together with a primary assist from head equipment manager Keith Robinson.

“I was looking for (a shirt) online, and there was a few that I found, but it was taking too long so I wasn’t going to get it on time,” Bergeron said. “So I asked our equipment guys if they had any T-shirts or any retro Bruin gear laying around at home, and Keith Robinson had a box full of T-shirts and jackets and whatnot, and I really wanted a Cam T-shirt and he had that one. So it worked out perfectly.”

In case you were wondering, Bergeron’s Walkman did actually work, and he listened to a Dr. Dre tape on the bus. Upon getting off the bus, though, the cassette player broke.

And while everyone put a good deal of effort into their look, backup goalie Jaroslav Halak received the highest mark from Bergeron.

“I was impressed with everyone, honestly. The details, a lot of guys went with accessories and whatnot,” Bergeron said. “I think Jaro went all-out with the huge old school cell phone and the mullet. He had an old watch and fanny pack — he really had everything going.”

Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images

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