Charlie Coyle, Chris Wagner Battle In Harpoon’s ‘Don’t Poke The Bear’ Contest

This was an epic showdown


Harpoon is back with their newest “Don’t Poke The Bear” product, and this year there was some friendly competition involved.

Boston Bruins forward Chris Wagner partnered up with Harpoon Brewery in 2020 to help brew his very own beer, with just about $50,000 going towards the Corey C. Griffin Foundation to help out underprivileged children.

Wagner and Harpoon came together again in 2021 to support the Corey C. Griffin Foundation, but this time with a little twist. They brought fellow Massachusetts native Charlie Coyle into the mix to put together an epic Bruins showdown.

With their fathers’ help, the two Boston forwards brewed their own distinct beers and a head-to-head contest with the fans was held to see which brew would hit the shelves.

Coyle’s Black and Gold American pilsner came away victorious this year, but both of these forwards most certainly may have a future as brewers if they ever decide to hang up the skates.

For more on the contest and how the beers were made, check out the video above from Harpoon!

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