Marvin Hagler’s Widow Denies Rumor COVID-19 Vaccine Led To Death

'Now is not the time to talk nonsense'


The widow of Marvin Hagler won’t allow speculation to impact her grieving process.

Kay Hagler on Monday dismissed rumors claiming a reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine caused the boxing legend’s death. Shortly after Hagler, the pride of Brockton, Mass., died Saturday at age 66, rumors linking his death to a vaccine arose, despite the fact his website said he died of “natural causes.”

Kay Hagler used Facebook to refute them.

“After 31 years the love of my life is gone and my life without him no longer makes sense, but I can feel him next to me even now and he’s telling me not to give up and be strong for him,” she wrote. “Thank you for your love, he loved people so much, he loved you all he was happy when he read your comments he was a special person the most beautiful person I had ever met in all my life.

“I was the only person close to him until the last minute, and I am the only person that know how things went not even his family know all the details and I do NOT accept to read some stupid comment without knowing really what happen. For sure wasn’t the vaccine that caused his death. My baby left in peace with his usually smile and now is not the time to talk nonsense.”

Hagler was the undisputed middleweight champion between 1980 and 1987. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1993.

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