Bruins’ David Pastrnak Sheds Light On Lake Tahoe Postgame Celebration

'Guys bumping it up loud, loving it'


It’s safe to say David Pastrnak had a lot of fun during the Boston Bruins’ Lake Tahoe game against the Philadelphia Flyers on Feb. 21.

Not only did the Bruins steamroll the Flyers 7-3, they also showed up in awesome ’90s outfits before the puck dropped.

Pastrnak, though, certainly made a statement when he revealed the team was listening to “Barbie Girl” in the locker room as they were celebrating the win. He spoke to the media in his sunglasses, and was a bit upset because he had to stop listening to the song to do a postgame interview.

The Bruins’ top-line winger joined the “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast Wednesday and discussed the clip that went viral. Pastrnak noted he hadn’t been the team DJ in a while, so he was excited to get that second chance.

“I was the DJ. I was the DJ. Last time I was the DJ was when Torey Krug was sick and we played in Washington (against the Capitals) after we won their (Stanley) Cup, first game of the season and we lost 7-0. So I’ve never got to be DJ again,” Pastrnak said. “That was my second chance, so I put the ’80s on … guys bumping it up loud, loving it. So I obviously came back after the game and they were like, ‘put the Barbie Girl song on!’ So I just put it on and immediately I started feeling it, right? It was fun, We won the game. And I just got up and they were like, ‘You gotta talk to media.’ So I was kind of disappointed, but at the same time I was like, ‘I’m wearing these sunglasses.'”

Now it begs the question, will Pastrnak be able to be the DJ again? And will he go straight to “Barbie Girl” if given the chance?

Thumbnail photo via Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports Images

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