Nick Wright Calls Out Jayson Tatum While Pinpointing Celtics’ ‘Problem’

Is Wright underselling Tatum's potential?


April 15, 2021

Nick Wright rarely passes up an opportunity to criticize the Boston Celtics.

So, it should come as no surprise he isn’t impressed with the Celtics’ recent success, which involves winning six of their last seven games to improve their record to 29-26.

“Listen, I can’t believe the participation trophies we’re trying to hand out on Worcester Ave. Boston. Window. Closed,” Wright said on Wednesday’s episode of “First Things First” on FS1. “Congrats, you’re three games above .500. Congrats, you’re a second-round exit.”

Wright didn’t stop there, of course.

Although the C’s have shown signs of life, moving up to fifth place in the Eastern Conference standings as of Thursday, Wright still isn’t sold that Boston can hang with the Brooklyn Nets, Philadelphia 76ers or Milwaukee Bucks.

And interestingly enough, Wright believes Jayson Tatum — the Celtics’ best player, alongside Jaylen Brown — is part of Boston’s problem.

“Here’s the problem for Boston: As much as (Chris) Broussard loves and adores Jayson Tatum, in the East, will Jayson Tatum ever be better than Giannis (Antetokounmpo)? No. Will he ever be better than Joel Embiid? No. Will he anytime in the next four years be better than Kevin Durant or James Harden? No,” Wright said. “So, your best guy is not as good as the best guy on the three teams you’re competing with. That’s the problem. So, no, they’re not contenders this year. They’re not gonna be contenders next year.

“They don’t have assets. And if they did have assets, Danny Ainge wouldn’t trade them, because he hoards them like old troll dolls that he thinks he’s gonna be able to sell in 60 years and get rich off of. It’s not gonna happen. So, no. I’m glad, they’re back above .500. Applause. Participation trophy.”

The Celtics’ next chance to try to make Wright eat his words comes Thursday night when Boston squares off with the defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers.

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