John Scott Rips ‘Gutless’ Tom Wilson, Laments ‘Joke’ Punishment

'Shame on you, NHL'


One of the best-known tough guys of this era of hockey has offered his take on Tom Wilson — and he’s not a fan.

The NHL fined Wilson $5,000 on Tuesday for his actions in Monday’s game against the New York Rangers. He punched a defenseless Pavel Buchnevich in the back of the head, then bodyslammed a helmetless Artemi Panarin to the ice in a move that could have had scary consequences. He only was punished for roughing Buchnevich, however.

John Scott recorded a Twitter video Tuesday, tearing into the Washington Capitals goon.

“It was a gutless move on his part throwing around Panarin and punching Buchnevich in the face when he was on the ground in a prone position. Just gutless, terrible, hockey,” Scott said. “I was just saying how much I used to respect Tom Wilson. He plays the game the way I like it to be played: He hits, he’s physical, he plays on the edge. That’s what I love about him, but I think he crossed a line this time.”

Scott was among the many who believed a fine for Wilson, who has a brutal disciplinary history, was not nearly enough.

“What on earth is happening with the NHL right now?,” Scott said. “It was a joke of a fine. And, listen, I love this type of hockey, I think we all do. But what Tom did was just — there’s no excuse for that. It’s insane to me that he only got a $5,000 fine. He’s a repeat offender, he’s done this time in and time out.”

As long as Peter Laviolette, the Capitals and the NHL continue enabling Wilson, this is going to continue to happen. And, as Scott points out, it’s about to open some floodgates.

“What this means is that it’s fair game, baby,” Scott said. “In any scrum, it’s honestly fair game, if you go into a scrum anywhere on the ice and you see a star player, I’m throwing sucker punches. I’m grabbing this guy and twisting ankles, I’m doing whatever I can because the worst thing that’s going to happen to me is a $5,000 (fine). …

“Shame on you, NHL. You should’ve done something to protect Panarin. And shame on Wilson, you’ve got to know better,” Scott said to end his video.

The Capitals and Rangers will meet again Wednesday.

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