Terry Bradshaw Doubles Down On Criticism Of Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

The NFL analyst even took it one step further Tuesday


Terry Bradshaw is not backing off his opinion of Aaron Rodgers.

The longtime NFL analyst made waves on the Internet on Monday after calling the Green Bay Packers quarterback “dumber than a box of rocks” during an appearance on the “Parkins & Spiegel Show” on 670 The Score in Chicago. And he wasn’t done there either.

Bradshaw doubled down on those comments (and then some) Tuesday while appearing on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on FOX Sports 1. Cowherd attempted to give Rodgers some credit, but Brashaw wasn’t having it.

“I do think that our superstar quarterbacks — our superstars, period — feel a little bit empowered by their fame and certainly by their fortune,” Bradshaw said. “And I do believe that while Aaron Rodgers is phenomenal — look, he’s an incredible player. But I can sit here and tell you right now he probably has the worst footwork I’ve ever seen for a starting quarterback. … This morning and I said, ‘He’s amazingly accurate. He protects the football. He puts up monster numbers but his footwork is all over the place.’ And I don’t know if that’s because he got hit a lot, he’s out of position and doesn’t trust his lineman — very seldom (does he) steps into a throw. Pretty impressive, actually.

“But I do believe they are a little bit pampered,” Bradshaw said. “A lot of coaches would say, ‘You know what? He deserves to be pampered. He’s this. He’s that.’ And I say, ‘Look. You signed a contract. You’ve got a couple more years left on that. If you want to be like Tom Brady, play out your contract and then move on. But in this case … Aaron Rodgers (is) coddled maybe too much. He has no right to want to get the GM (Brian Gutekunst) fired. What right does he have? … I don’t believe in that. You know, I’m old school, you know that.”

Again, Bradshaw has a point.

Whether you agree with his physical critiques of Rodgers is neither here nor there. It’s about the level of entitlement Rodgers reportedly is displaying. But it goes beyond that. If rumors are true, and he does indeed believe he is in a position to make a call like this, it’s a major red flag. There is no telling what else he might feel entitled to if he truly is comfortable calling out someone of Gutekunst’s stature in this reported manner.

Hopefully, we eventually will get some sort of clarity on what actually went down behind the scenes.

Thumbnail photo via Mike De Sisti/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via USA Today Images

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