Adam Schefter Offers Insight Into Why Patriots Released Cam Newton

'They felt like it would be unfair to Cam'


Many NFL reporters this week will chime in on the Cam Newton release. And plenty of them will offer newsworthy information.

However, as always, ESPN’s Adam Schefter probably will be the top insider to follow in the coming days.

Shortly after the Patriots reportedly cut Newton, Schefter joined “First Take” to offer his two cents, including insight into why New England didn’t keep the veteran as a backup. Schefter provided some sourced information, as well as what sure seemed like informed speculation.

“He impressed coaches with his accuracy,” he said. “I spoke to one last week who told me that he thought that Mac Jones could be and would be Pro Bowl quarterback in the league for 10 years. And, I’ll be honestly, I fully thought that he was going to wind up as the starting quarterback on opening day. What I didn’t expect was that the Patriots today would release Cam Newton.

“But what the tells you is they’re so sure of Mac Jones, that they felt like it would be unfair to have Cam on the roster. They’ve got Brian Hoyer, a capable backup there, in reserve. And so, rather than put Cam in a position that might be a little bit awkward, they thanked him and said, ‘We are ready to go with the youngster — the new Patriot era begins now. We’re not wasting another second.’ “

Schefter added: “It might have been tough for (Newton) to be a backup. Think about a former NFL MVP now backing up a rookie, the dynamics of that. And so, they decided, I think, ‘Hey, let’s do Cam a favor here. He doesn’t have to subject himself to that. If he wants to go see if there’s another job out there for him, let him do it.’ “

With Newton now out of the picture, the question becomes: Who will back up Jones? With Jarrett Stidham sidelined with a back injury, Hoyer currently is the only other healthy quarterback on New England’s roster.

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