Rodney Harrison Makes Request Of NFL After Antonio Brown’s Outburst

'This has permanent damage to it'


Rodney Harrison believes he knows one of the roots of Antonio Brown’s latest problem.

Harrison is under the impression that Brown, who had a theatric meltdown this past Sunday, suffers from CTE. Although Brown might never receive another opportunity in the league after he’s released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Harrison hopes the NFL steps in and helps the wideout with whatever issues he might be dealing with.

“I think he’s suffering from CTE,” Harrison said Tuesday on NBC Sports. “I think he’s definitely got some symptoms. He’s snappy, mood swings. I mean, you look at this hit from Vontaze Burfict. You look at this hit and he was completely out. I played 15 years in the league, I was never completely out like that. He’s completely out. That is a concussion. That is something that is going to stick with you for the rest of your life. So, when you talk about, you know, inconsistent behavior, mood swings — you imagine your son or somebody you know getting hit like this. This has permanent damage to it.

“I would want the league to come in — and I’m not blaming the league at all. But I would like for the league to come in and really help this guy because what they witnessed and what we witnessed on Sunday was mental illness, it was CTE, it was him making a bad decision, it was all those different things. When you’re suffering from CTE — and I got many, many friends that suffer from CTE. We all suffer from CTE. If you play football for an extended period of time, you got hit in the head, you suffer from CTE. That was clearly something that just made him snap and I promise you at this point in time he’s sitting at home and he’s not happy. He’s not happy about walking off the field, quitting. He’s probably saying like, ‘What the heck did I do?’ That’s what happens when you have CTE. You make decisions, you do things and you sit back and say, ‘Why did I do something like that?’ “

Time will tell what’s next for AB, but general wellness probably should be his top priority. And if the NFL offers him a helping hand, it would send a great message to players and anyone who supports the league.

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