Kyrie Irving Mocks Haters On Twitch, Calls Them ‘Cockroaches’

Irving wasn't having it for people trying to troll him


May 10

Much to the dismay or pleasure for NBA fans, Kyrie Irving isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and he has done so, once again, but this time on Twitch.

The Boston Celtics gave the Brooklyn Nets an early exit in the NBA playoffs. What’s there to do in the offseason? Play video games, of course.

Irving was playing Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch and noticed some negative comments in the chat. The polarizing Nets guard has drawn criticism for a variety of reasons, and he went right at the Twitch chat in his Tuesday broadcast.

“It’s been so long y’all can say the same jokes,” Irving said. ” ‘Oh Kyrie, what are you doing at home?’ That’s how y’all sound to me. ‘Oh, what are you doing at home? Are you going to Cancun? Where are you? Are you at home? Kyrie you suck. What are you doing? Oh my god. Go back to Cleveland, oh my god. Boston hates you, oh my god.’ That?s how y?all sound to me, cockroaches.”

Irving lashed out at Celtics fans during the first round of the playoffs in what has been a back-and-forth feedback loop since Irving left Boston. The Nets guard’s antics on Twitch had some viewers think Irving was under the influence of drugs, which he did not take too kindly to.

” ‘Kyrie, he has to be on something,’ ” Irving mockingly said. “You know how many comments I see like that? ‘Oh my god, he’s definitely on one. I don’t what’s up with him, bro. He’s on drugs, man.’ Shut the (expletive) up. I hear it so often. And that has even a racist undertone to it. ‘He has to be on drugs. This woke Black guy has to be on drugs.’ Shut the (expletive) up.

“What are you talking about bro? I haven’t smoked one thing, haven’t taken one drug. You’re like, ‘this guy’s got to be on something, bro.’ That’s the prototypical response you hear from somebody that’s living their life in a shell, that don’t know (expletive) that’s going on, especially when you talk about what’s going on with racial prejudice and discrimination.”

What Irving’s future with the Nets will look like remains to be seen, but what is certain is this will not be the last time Irving will voice his opinion on the fans.

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