Why Ty Law Believes Players Don’t Respect Bill Belichick As Much They Did Before

'They don't give a damn'


Jan 10, 2023

Do Bill Belichick’s thoughts and methods carry as much weight among New England Patriots players as they used to?

Among veteran players, perhaps. But it’s fair to wonder whether younger players — with rookie corner Jack Jones a prime example — still worship at the alter of Belichick.

During a Tuesday appearance on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show”, legendary New England cornerback Ty Law said Belichick might not command as much respect from younger players as he once did. But Law didn’t point toward the Patriots’ struggles in the post-Tom Brady era or Belichick’s bungling of multiple situations this season.

According to Law, it’s all about money.

“I will say today’s player has a little more swag to them I guess,” the Patriots Hall of Famer said. ” … They go out there and say their own peace through the social media. They can get their version out. A lot of guys are getting paid so much money to where they don’t care. So, I think the level of respect may not be there as much. And, I think a lot of that is due to when a player is out there making 20 million bucks. I mean, great for the players, but then you got a coach that might be making two, three million bucks for an assistant coach. There is a different type of hierarchy there.

“Now, Coach Belichick (is a head coach) — there’s only 32 of those. But I see a lot — and I’m talking about, I see a lot — of coaches that say things to people or players that feel like, because they are making the type of money that they’re making, they’re untouchable. And I think that has to change because the coach is always the coach. You always have to respect them. But, players making the type of money that they’re making right now, they don’t give a damn. Let’s just call it what it is.”

As Law alluded to, this might be more of a problem for assistant coaches than for Belichick, who reportedly earns more than $25 million per season. There only are 17 NFL players who make more than that — including Ryan Tannehill.

Plus, dealing with rich, entitled athletes is nothing new for coaches. Has it gotten worse? Maybe, but that hasn’t stopped other coaches from getting locker rooms to rally behind them.

For years, it was Belichick’s way or the highway, with players fearing the Patriots head coach’s wrath. These days, some might not think twice about taking the highway.

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