Travis Kelce Warns Chiefs Fans Not To Mess With This Philly Icon

San Francisco fans learned this the hard way


February 1

If there’s one thing sports fans are crazy about its their superstitions.

Fans try to do their best to not jinx their team, and that might come down to wearing lucky socks and perhaps not showering on gameday. Athletes sometimes can operate under the same mindset, which is why some players keep a specific routine, like NBA players at the free throw line.

Something that you never want to do when playing against the Philadelphia team, specifically the Eagles, is to put the opponent jersey on the Rocky statue. This has happened multiple times, including with the San Francisco 49ers ahead of the NFC Championship Game, and it has never ended well for the team playing against the Eagles.

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Philadelphia fans might be on high alert with Super Bowl LVII coming up as a Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce jersey might be put on the Rocky statue.

“I’m gonna be honest, I think somebody from Philadelphia is doing this now,” Jason Kelce told his brother on their podcast “New Heights” on Wednesday. “I don’t think this is an opposing team thing at this point. There’s no way opposing teams continue to do this. I’m convinced there is a Philadelphia fan who is putting these shirts on the Rocky statue just to get everyone fired up and it’s working tremendously. So keep doing it. I guarantee it. There’s no way, because it’s happened every single game. The (New York) Giants did it. The 49ers did it. There will probably be a (Kansas City) Chiefs jersey on it this week.”

“Chiefs, do not touch the (expletive) Rocky memorial,” Travis Kelce said. “Do not do that and definitely don’t put a No. 87 on it.”

The warning has been sent by the younger Kelce brother, but it is an interesting theory Jason Kelce brought up. Perhaps an Eagles fan is just buying jerseys from opposing teams just to put it on the Rocky statue. It sounds plausible enough, and it would not be a surprise if a No. 87 or No. 15 Chiefs jersey is put up to manufacture motivation.

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