The Greater Taunton Amateur Baseball Umpire Association is suspending its officiating service to the Taunton West Little League after two of their umpires were met with threats both during and after a game Monday night.

“(They were) telling me they were going to kick my fat butt, but not using the word butt,” umpire Paul Nadeau told Boston 25 News, referencing at least one man who threated physical assault. “It created an uprising in the crowd.”

Fellow umpire David DeOliveira told Boston 25: “We are not prepared to handle harassment and verbal abuse after the game, especially as we are trying to leave the parking lot.”

President of the Amateur Baseball Umpiring Association, Dominic Damiano, shared how his umpires won’t officiate any more of the Taunton West Little League games for the rest of the season. He called it an “unsafe” situation with DeOliveira telling him there were three guys in his face.

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Instead, little league volunteers will have to step up to ensure the youngsters are able to conclude their season.

“People have lost focus that this is a kid’s game,” Nadeau told Boston 25.

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The president of the Taunton Little League, Tyler Doehler, released a statement citing how all parties involved in the incident have been suspended indefinitely.

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Featured image via Marc Vasconcellos/ USA TODAY NETWORK Images