Fabian Lysell hasn’t had the opportunity to fully engage in the first two days of the Boston Bruins development camp, but that isn’t discouraging the top prospect from focusing on fighting for a roster spot in September.

Lysell suffered a concussion following a blindside hit in the opening round of the Calder Cup Playoffs in May. The Bruins are being careful not to expose the winger to any drills that could impede his health and full recovery which means a red, non-contact jersey.

“I feel way better today, obviously a long travel day, and with all that my neck got pretty sore,” Lysell told reporters following Day 2 of development camp, per team-provided video. ” … I had to take it slow from the beginning with strength and especially conditioning. I wasn’t trying to max myself right away, I don’t think it’s necessary when you get that long of an offseason.

“But I feel like I’ve been ramping it up pretty good right now and I feel like I’m able to push myself like I want to. So, right now it’s pretty good.”

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Bruins assistant general manager Jamie Langenbrunner acknowledged the setback in May affected Lysell’s offseason but doesn’t seem to think it will hinder the 20-year-old forward.

“I think he’s continuing to take the steps forward,” Langenbrunner said, per team-provided video. “Unfortunately for him, he took a cheap shot (in the playoffs) that slowed him a bit this summer, but it was good on him to be here this week and working hard and it’s good to see him on the ice again.”

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Lysell had an inconsistent first year for the Providence Bruins and he believes he can build off what he learned going into this season.

“It’s a lot of new things, new things to take in and I feel like the start of the year was really good, the first four months. And then I had a dip in January,” Lysell explained. “I felt like I was kind of up and down the rest of the year … but looking back at it, I learned a lot of new things that I wouldn’t know before last year.

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“I’m going to be even more focused and I’m really going to battle out there to take my spot.”

Boston Bruins prospect Fabian Lysell on fightng for a roster spot

“So, I’m really looking forward to this upcoming year and I think I have more knowledge now that I’m really going to be able to use for next year.”

Langenbrunner said the Providence Bruins used Lysell on the power play to try and take him out of his comfort zone on the ice.

“We put him on the power play a bit last year to kind of, I don’t want to say to force him to shoot (the puck) more, but to get him in that mindset to have that mentality and he took it pretty well.”

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Langenbrunner added the club will look to put Lysell in those situations to help him continue to take steps forward.

“He plays with a lot of courage, maybe he has to learn to play a little bit safer to make sure he doesn’t put himself into some spots once in a while,” Langenbrunner said. “He wants to control the puck, he wants to make plays. I think he’s continuing to work on his shot to be that double threat that we want him to be.”

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney has maintained since the end of the season the roster would have a different look by opening night and he will rely on the youth of the organization to fill in some of the missing pieces come October.

Lysell could be one of those pieces.

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“I think everybody coming into camp is trying to make the team and I’m no different,” Lysell said. “I know last year was really good for me and I think coming into camp this year, I’m really going to put all my energy out there to make that team.

“I’ve been doing the camp now two times and I feel like now the third time I’m going to be even more focused and I’m really going to battle out there to take my spot.”

Featured image via Perry Nelson/USA TODAY Sports Images