Blue Jays pitcher Yusei Kikuchi made an early departure during Toronto’s Tuesday night matchup with the Yankees, providing perhaps the most insanely understandable excuse.

Kikuchi didn’t get enough sleep.

However, in this instance, enough is very subjective. Instead of four or five hours falling under the “not enough” category, the 32-year-old revealed an unheard-of standard for any member of the workforce. And that’s what the left-hander believes was the ultimate cause of being pulled after five innings.

“I only got 11 hours of sleep so maybe that’s affecting this cramping today,” Kikuchi told reporters postgame, according to Michael Hoad of Yahoo Sports.

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That’s quite the standard, right?

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For many, 11 hours of sleep is a dream, but to Kikuchi, it’s the lead cause of his left upper trap muscle cramp. That’s perhaps the most lousy excuse for a big league pitcher on record, reminiscent of what high schoolers would come up with. But Kikuchi was dead serious. In fact, his prototypical sleep schedule is even more ridiculous than the excuse itself.

Kikuchi usually goes to bed around 11 p.m., with an expected rise around 1 p.m., per Kaitlyn McGrath of The Athletic. That’s 14 total hours in bed with 10 left to be a productive member of society, or to perhaps many, the ultimate dream scenario.

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With the Blue Jays deep into playoff contention, Kikuchi’s gonna have to toughen it out in October, even if it only means he’ll get just 11 hours in bed.

Featured image via Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports Images