The New York Jets aren’t turning their backs on Zach Wilson just yet.

Why? Who knows at this point?

Struggling mightily to keep the ship afloat with Aaron Rodgers recovering from season-ending surgery, Wilson proved to be ineffective once again in Week 3. This time, the win-less Patriots strolled into MetLife Stadium to snatch a 15-10 victory, marking New England’s 15th straight over New York.

With plenty of chances to convert and muster up some sense of offensive momentum, Wilson failed the Jets but wasn’t welcomed back to the locker room nearly as harshly as he was by the New York home crowd — even though it was well-deserved.

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“We’re good, I love where we at,” Michael Carter told reporters postgame after initiating a heated sideline exchange, per SNY video. “Zach, he commands the huddle and makes plays and — it’s not a one-man show. I mean, it’s different from other sports. Football’s the ultimate team sport and we gotta help him out.”

Supportive and respectable, but can the Jets really “help” — or save — Wilson?

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The 24-year-old looks like a lost cause as the weeks continue, proving incapable of leading a strong drive to threaten opposing defenses. Wilson was sacked three times, threw for 157 yards and made questionable decision after questionable decision, ultimately squandering an opportunity to end New England’s win streak and win back some support.

For the better chunk of four quarters Sunday, Wilson was the most valuable player for the Patriots, making the race to the finish line rather easy despite New England’s own offensive struggles.

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The Jets still have plenty of season left, meaning there’s plenty of time for Wilson to continue to make a mess and possibly lose his starting role.

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