Matthew Judon is always a great source for an amazing story, both on and off the field for the New England Patriots.

On Monday, the edge rusher once again did not disappoint.

The Patriots shared a clip on social media from a June interview with Judon, who discussed how he tracks his wallet if, and when, he loses it.

“I have to have a chain because I lose my wallet,” Judon said in a team-provided video. “I got the AirTag connected to my wallet. I haven’t lost it in seven years, but I lose it all the time.”

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Well, Monday showed exactly why Judon was properly prepared.

The Patriots defensive star posted a video on his Instagram story as he tracked his wallet down to the side of a highway after his teammate left it on top of a car.

“Little storytime,” Judon said on Instagram. “So Marcus put my wallet on top of a car. Good old AirTag saved me, though. I was almost at work and had to come back and track it down.”

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The story ends on a high note as Judon found his wallet and Patriots fans learn an important aspect of preparation from a New England star.

Featured image via Eric Canha/USA TODAY Sports Images