Scottie Scheffler agreed to comply with the court process following his arrest before the second round of the PGA Championship, which means there will be more footage released of the incident.

The world No. 1 golfer was arrested May 17 for violating traffic violations at a scene where a Valhalla Golf Club employee was killed by a passing shuttle bus.

Scheffler was booked for four charges, including a felony charge of second-degree assault of a police officer. The 27-year-old called the incident a “misunderstanding.” However, the police report alleged Scheffler “dragged” the Lousiville Metro Police Department officer with his car and damaged his uniform. The LMPD police chief later confirmed the officer did not have his body cam on during the incident.

LMPD officials released security footage of the incident, and there wasn’t evidence of what was described in the police report, which caused Scheffler’s lawyer to double down on the police’s error.

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There was body cam footage from an officer who questioned Scheffler after his arrest that was leaked to the public.

After getting his Miranda Warning read, Scheffler claimed that the “over-aggressive” officer hit him with his flashlight. He also claimed the person did not identify he was an officer, but the questioning officer told Scheffler he should stop if someone told him to. Scheffler admitted he was wrong, and the LMPD officer claimed the two-time major champion “drug” and “hurt” the arresting officer, who he also claimed had a huge “scrape” on his knee and had to go to EMS to get it checked out.

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The legal process is expected to continue to play out in court Wednesday.

Featured image via Jim Cowsert/USA TODAY Sports Images