Luka Doncic scored 27 points against the Boston Celtics in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, making for a decent performance when he was on the floor.

The last part became the problem for the Dallas Mavericks as Doncic fouled out of the game with 4:12 remaining. Dallas cut a 21-point deficit down to one possession before having to finish the game without its superstar. The Celtics eventually pulled away to seal a 106-99 win and a 3-0 series lead.

Doncic visibly complained to officials on several occasions before fouling out, costing his team in crunch time. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst did not hold back in calling out the Mavericks star for his late-game behavior.

“I thought it was perfect that Luka fell on the ground there in an unacceptable position to put himself in with four minutes left and five fouls,” Windhorst told ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt. “(He) immediately looked at the bench and said, ‘You better bleeping challenge it,’ as if it’s the bench’s fault that he just made a terrible play.”

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Doncic spent more time complaining to officials in the second half than he did making defensive plays against the Celtics. Windhorst marked this as a massive separation in the series.

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“I’m standing here in the Mavericks’ tunnel,” Windhorst said. “Over there is the Celtics’ tunnel. That’s where the winners are. If Luka’s ever gonna be a winner coming out of this tunnel here, he’s gonna have to use (this Finals series) as a learning experience.”

Windhorst continued: “His defensive performance is unacceptable. He is a hole on the court. The Celtics are attacking him. They are ahead in this series because they attacked him defensively. You’ve got a situation here where Luka is complaining about the officiating. They have begged with him. They have talked with him. They have pleaded with him. He is costing his team because of how he treats the officials.”

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The Mavericks are on the brink of elimination against the Celtics, who now hold complete control with a 3-0 series lead. If Dallas can not turn the series around, Windhorst envisions a future problem that Doncic must address.

“His performance in this game is unacceptable and the reason why the Mavericks are not gonna win,” Windhorst added. “He’s gotta get over this. The fact he came out after the game and blamed the officials showed me he’s nowhere close yet. Maybe over the summer, someone will get to him.”

The Celtics look to finish off Doncic and the Mavericks in Game 4 on Friday night in Dallas.

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