Former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick demanded a ton out of his players and expected them to execute at a high level.

That had to create a tense environment, especially on the eve of gamedays, right?

Legendary Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would know all about that since he played for Belichick for 20 illustrious seasons. But Brady, who made his relationship “crystal clear” with his former coach at last week’s Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony, told FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd on “The Herd” on Thursday that there was no added pressure to be found in the lead-up to games and that was thanks to Belichick.

“Saturday night we were so prepared and so focused. We were the opposite of tight,” Brady said. “We were always relaxed because we had the answers to the test.”

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That all-out preparation focused on attention to detail and a simplified approach. Brady said that when going through plays the night before a game, they discussed the one thing that could derail a play and the solution to that proposed problem.

“Let’s say we had 150 calls on the call sheet,” Brady said. “There was a squad meeting at eight o’clock. I would meet with the quarterbacks starting at 6:30 and the offensive coordinator. We’d go through every single play on the call sheet.”

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The level at which Belichick prepared his Patriots teams certainly paid off once they hit the field. And the Patriots have six Super Bowl titles to show that Belichick’s methods worked at an extremely high level.

Featured image via Michael Madrid/USA TODAY Sports Images